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Happy (Long) Weekend!

Speaking of front porches – we’re enjoying the holiday weekend in Tennessee and my heart is happy. We’ll be spending 2 days at a BBQ competition, eating some good food and listening to live tunes. My Stepdad has a BBQ team and my Dad’s blues band is playing. My own little slice of heaven!

Have you ever been to one? They’re so exciting! The competition is fierce but it’s all in good fun. Since I’m a vegetarian my role is the ‘runner’ – the person who turns in the food for judging. Lacing up my sturdy shoes and setting that stopwatch – here I come…

Here’s a little taste!

Happy Weekend – I hope you’re doing something you love!

Happy Weekend

 Image by Flume

It’s going to be 87 in Chicago on Sunday. I need a tan and a pina colada!
Wishing you a happy weekend Sweet Peeps!

(P.S. Sorry for being a bad blogger friend this week! So much going on lately, aiming to catch up on all your sweet sites while I’m on vacation next week!

Microwave Jam

Photo by Aimee at Simple Bites

Doesn’t this look yummy?  You can make it in the microwave!  Maybe I’ll dig out my inner domestic goddess and try it out…she’s been hibernating through the winter but an 87 degree Sunday should bring her out :)

(P.S. I feel certain I saw this on someone’s blog earlier. I saved the link but not the source – if it was you let me know!)