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Weekend Shopping

Welcome back from the long weekend – I hope it was wonderful! With a full belly and excited mind it’s time to really gear up for holiday shopping! I took a little part in Black Friday & Cyber Monday but didn’t cross as much off the list as I’d hoped. I had originally intended on completing most of my shopping online this year (easier to resist personal shopping temptation!) but after seeing these events, I’ll have a hard time sticking to that plan.  All are in the Chicago area this weekend, if you’re around check them out!
Thank you all for the fabulous gift guides – I’ve taken many wonderful ideas from you. Keep ’em coming, I need all the help I can get! Time is not on my side!

A Thankful Heart

In true Thanksgiving fashion I’d like to tell you how thankful I am for you dear reader. I know this isn’t the biggest or best blog and it makes it all the more special that you take the time to stop by, read and comment. And trust me, I enjoy everything you share. Your blogs are an inspiration and I’m so thankful to have ‘met’ the most wonderful people in the short time I’ve been doing this.

I hope your holiday weekend is full of laugher, love and full bellies. Whether resting and relaxing or braving the crowds on Black Friday, enjoy it to fullest with a grateful heart. Life really is wonderful isn’t it?

In addition to everything on {this list}, today I’m thankful for (in no particular order): coconut crepes, health, wonderful travels, opportunity, Maroon 5, family beach vacations, theme parties, blogging, out of town visitors, Chicago summer, Tennessee winter, my spontaneous & sweet husband, and the fabulous family and friends who make my life complete.

Mwwwwahhh sweet turkeys!

P.S. If you have time for super quick craft project you can head over to Craftily Ever After for the adorable ‘Gobble On’ print pictured above.

Rules for a Successful Holiday

Rules for a successful holiday:
1. Get together with the family
2. Relive old times
3. Get out before it blows

A little chuckle via Story People. :)

(P.S. Thanks for your support regarding haircut disaster. I’m feeling a lot less serious about it now thanks to your stories, advice and kind words.  Re-reading that post makes me feel a little too negative, especially with such a thankful holiday around the corner!)

Haircut Horrors

Photo via Make Yeah

Well kittens, it’s happened again. I’m officially cursed by the hair gods. No matter what I ask for or how many pictures I take it never turns out quite right. I think this is why I put off haircuts as long as I possibly can and get anxiety the day of. This time, long face framing layers turned into side swept bangs, ugh…. I wouldn’t say it looks horrible (thankfully), but it’s definitely not what I wanted. Not to mention my new wisps are absolutely annoying the heck out of me, falling in my eye every time I look down.  Which brings up several points:

1. Am I terrible at picking stylists? I took someones advice years ago and asked ladies who had great cuts for their recommendation. What else can I do??

2. Am I just too critical? Are my expectations too high?  I totally get that stylist aren’t miracle workers, certain cuts don’t work on certain hair, etc…But my problem is more definite like how a request for mid cheek swooped layers turns into eyebrow grazing chunks.

3. What is with the love/hate relationship with hair? Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. I like it long, but it seems boring and blah sometimes. Then I get scared to do anything with it for fear of another disaster. It’s a vicious circle! Sure it’s just hair, but I’m a little attached to it. After all, I nurtured it, conditioned it, cared for it every day. In a way it feels a little like an extension of me like a pinky toe or ear lobe.

Since most of you don’t know me personally, it may be hard to answer those questions. I guess it was more of a venting tactic than seeking actual answers. Oh well, I feel a little better already. Still wishing I lived in Florida so this girl could be my stylist, she totally gets it. *sigh*

Have you had a haircut horror(s) or are you blessed with good hair karma??

Happy Weekend {Almost Thanksgiving Edition!}

As we plan & prepare for Thanksgiving I have details on the brain. Cooking is ok, but it’s really the other things that get me excited (like list making and centerpieces. :) Originally indended for an engagement party, I think this arrangement and table setting would make the most beautiful Thanksgiving day impression. The mix of gold and grey is unexpected and divine!

Flowers by JL Designs, Photos by Jose Villa.
(See it in engagement party glory here.)

Have a lovely weekend!

Non Diamond Engagement Rings

Photo via People

The news of Prince William proposing to Kate with Diana’s gorgeous sapphire engagement ring got me all excited about this potentially becoming a trend. (Jessica just got a ruby!) I love the idea of wearing something other than a diamond. Though they’re beautiful, I’ve never understood why that was the chosen stone to represent love and marriage. (I’m sure there’s a reason, I’m just too lazy to Google it.)  Eight years ago I swooned over a sapphire not knowing it would become my engagement ring just a short while later. A few times at the beginning I wondered if it would be alright for the rest of my life, blending with my wardrobe or standing out like a sore thumb. But it quickly became me and not once did I regret that it wasn’t a diamond. I still find myself gazing at it and love that it represents Alex’s birthstone (though not why we chose it). People often ask if it’s my wedding ring and I get to feel like a newlywed again and again when I tell them yes, I can’t imagine wearing anything else. Though… I don’t think I’d mind an emerald for our 10 year ;)

What about you, do you have a non diamond or would you be up for it? Do you think colored stones will catch on??

Designer Matroyska’s

This is old news but it’s new to me…To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Russian Vogue top designers ‘dressed’ matryoshka dolls.  Pop quiz! Can you match the designer to the doll?  
Here are your choices:
Emilio Pucci         Giorgio Armani         Burberry         Moschino        
Nina Donis           Roberto Cavalli         Prada             Gucci
Versace               Dries Van Noten
(Answers are below.)


Answers after the jump!

Designed by Giorgio Armani
Designed by Roberto Cavalli
Designed by Dries Van Noten
Designed by Emilio Pucci
Designed by Prada
Designed by Moschino
Designed by Gucci
Designed by Nina Donis
Designed by Burberry
Designed by Versace
How did you do? Which is your favorite??
P.S. More matryoshka love.

Christian Louboutin Releases ‘Peace of Shoe’

Christian Louboutin has released a limited collection of shoes named “Peace of Shoe.” The silk peep-toe platform trimmed beauties feature hand-stitched embroidered Indian ribbon and are available in 3 colors in 3 cities:  champagne in New York, lavender in Miami and pink in Los Angeles. The best part…all proceeds from each $1495 sale are going to the Grameen Foundation, which provides the world’s poorest citizens, especially women, small loans to start or expand small businesses and eventually support themselves.
That’s what I call design with sole. :)