Halloween’s of the Past

As I’m making my final decisions about this year’s costume, I thought it would be fun to reflect on some past creations. I challenge myself to start with pieces from my own closet and a few accessories. Wish me luck this year, struggling a bit with committing to an idea! 
 2003 – Audrey Hepburn and a construction worker
I still wear this dress. And the shades.
2007 – Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
That eyeliner goatee still cracks me up.

2009 – Bumble Bee & Elvis (with our friends the Jockey and Derby lady)
My top was part of a past New Year’s Eve outfit. 
2010 – Zorro & a Senorita
The shoes inspired the whole thing.
Happy Halloween Weekend! 
What are you dressing up as??

21 thoughts on “Halloween’s of the Past

  1. I could see you guys totally getting into Halloween and taking it to the limit! I LOVE THESE COSTUMES!!

    I’ll be dressing up as a woman lying on her couch watching tv. Original, don’t you think? haha!


  2. CUTE! loved them all, but Faith & Tim are my favorites! You guys looked fabulous! Excited to see what you go as this year. The last party I went to, I dressed up as Sarah Palin!

  3. gooosssh, there’s few things I love more than Halloween reflection posts, so fun to look at. You look GREAT, I think you look the cutest as the Bumblebee~!!! But the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw look is awesome too (and I totally eyelined on a beard for my boyfriend one time too for a costume, haha). I too would still wear your Audrey costume, it’s so cute! Excited to see what you are this year!

  4. These are great! I was trying to remember some costumes of my past, but nothing really stuck out in my mind…today I have a wig. A Snookie wig…atleast the girls at work got a kick out of it!

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