Evelina – Four and Five Months

853A5404E 5 months

Time is just zip, zip, zipping on by! As we prepare for our big move, the to do list has gotten the better of me and I didn’t get around to taking Evelina’s four month pictures and posting an update. So her 4th and 5th month updates are combined here.

4 months old


  • Weight: 13.4 pounds
  • Length: 24 inches
  • Eyes: blue
  • Hair: brown
  • Size:  size one diapers. Wearing mostly 0-3 in tops and bottoms.
  • Looks: like her Dad. She has one grandmother’s toes/feet, and the other grandmothers wringing hands habit.
  • Personality: A mix of both I think. She’s social like her Dad, but when she’s over something, she’s over it, like me. :)
  • Nicknames:  E, Juice, sweet juice, Juicy, Eebers, Evelinochka
    Feeding/Sleeping: 6 ounces every 3-4 hours and mostly six hour sleeping stretches.



  • Still loves baths
  • Her friends and family :)
  • Kicking her legs. Constantly.
  • “Standing” on our lap. Do NOT make her sit.
  • Driving her car.
  • Smiling.
  • Sunshiny days.



  • Naps! (still.)
  • Paci’s. Just has no interest.


Other highlights and happenings in month three:

  • Trip to Alabama to meet her GG
  • The first major giggle!
  • She still doesn’t cry much, she’s more of a fusser, which is just absolutely amazing. I am sooo grateful.
  • Having fun watching her hands.
  • Sitting in a bumbo! She’s had great head strength from the get-go but her back is stronger now and she can sit without slumping over. My arms are grateful.
  • She still snores. And it’s still adorable.
  • No teeth yet but plenty of gumming. Lots of drool and she prefers her hands to teether.
  • St. Patrick’s Day and the cutest leprechaun you ever did see.
  • We celebrated her first 100 days.
  • She was baptized.


5 months old


  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Length: 26 inches
  • Eyes: blue
  • Hair: brown, sometimes looks blonde
  • Size:  size one diapers.  Mostly 3 month clothes, stills fits into some newborn though. She has a long middle like me, so bodysuits fit in the body but are too short.
  • Looks: mostly like her Dad but I’m seeing more of me!
  • Personality: Both. She likes to be out and about and gets bored easily, something she got from Alex. If we’re chilling at home she won’t nap and wants to be entertained. And just like me, when she’s tired or done with something, she’s really done.
  • Nicknames:  E, Juice
  • Feeding/Sleeping: Basically 6 ounces every 3-4 hours and mostly six hour sleeping stretches, however, we did have a few weeks of sleep regression where she wanted to eat during the night but at least she’d fall back asleep quickly. I’m still breastfeeding some but mostly formula at this point.


  • Water!
  • Visits with family.
  • Kicking the legs. OMG all the time.
  • Smiling / Giggling. The giggles are far and few between but you can tell she enjoys them. Big open mouth smiles, the happiest baby I’ve ever seen.
  • Standing


  • Naps! (still…)
  • Teething. Still nothing to show but a few times a day her mouth gives her a fit. We’re using Hyland’s Teething Tablets, which I do think make a difference, and she’s getting slightly better with teethers. She’ll give Sophie a go and she like her Elephant (Ellie) wubbanub, but not the paci part, she chews the foot.
  • Sitting/laying down while awake

Other highlights and happenings in month four: So many developments this month! Mid-April she hit another growth spurt and things were changing and happening daily, it was quite amazing to watch.

  • Spit bubbles, drumroll lips and tounge fun. Just woke up one day and she was doing it.
  • Almost sitting up unassisted. Can pull herself up using our hands.
  • The squishy face snort laugh. I have yet to get it on video, but man is it adorable.
  • Rolling over! Again, just woke up one day and did it. She rolls super quick and immediately pushes up on to her hands like a little yogi in cobra pose.
  • Found her feet. She hasn’t tried to put them in her mouth yet but again, like a yogi, she loves laying in happy baby pose.
  • Sleep schedule! One day I happened to realize that she’d put herself on a little schedule. Around 7-8 she gets a little cranky, hungry, and sleepy and by 8:30pm she’s basically out for the night. It’s been great since she was on the 11:30 bedroom routine for a bit. A couple extra hours of “me” time in the evenings helps a ton, but lets be honest, by 8:30 I’m zapped and usually turning in shortly after she does.
  • Swimming! She’s a flipping mermaid. Loves loves loves it. All her life long leg kicking is paying off in the water. She looks like she actually knows how to swim because she’s got the kicks down for sure. I take her underwater a few times each visit and she hasn’t freaked out yet (knock on wood). We try to go a least 3 times a week and she gives me the best (aka: long) nap in the afternoons. It wears her out!
  • Solids. Well, rice cereal. Our pediatrician suggested we go ahead and start since she shows such an interest in watching us eat or drink. I was/am so intimidated by the whole solids thing and the first time she tried it my Mom actually gave it to her, she ate from that spoon like she’s been doing it her whole life! I’ve also given her cantaloupe in her mesh teether which she was really in to.
  • She feels so heavy to me. I can barely lift her in the carseat anymore!
  • Now that her back is strong enough the jumper is her new fave. She also still likes her car. Basically, anything where her legs can be free to move makes her a happy girl.
  • She’s cool in the Bumbo if she can see what I’m doing. I’ll pile a bunch of toys on the tray and let her go to town while I fold laundry or clean or do any of the million other things I’m always behind on these days… She also likes sitting on the bathroom counter while I get ready. I talk to her and tell her what I’m doing and she just watches me so content like she’s taking lessons. So cute.
  • First BBQ competition.