Benefits of Traveling with a Baby

5 Benefits of Traveling with a Baby

That’s me, arriving with E in Costa Rica.

Our daughter was only four months old when news broke of our decision to move and reactions ranged from, “Oh my gosh, that’s awesome!” to “With a infant, are you crazy?”.

Sure, traveling with a baby has it’s disadvantages. They can be pretty unpredictable little creatures. They require extra stuff. And let’s be honest, you probably aren’t inquiring with the concierge for the best wine bar in town. (Sad face.) But let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

Here are 5 benefits I’ve discovered of traveling with a baby:

  1. Front of the line beeetches!
    I’ve yet to feel more VIP than when the baby’s strapped to me. Airports, immigration, customs lines…just watch me roll on by to the front of the line. Girl, bye!
  2. Getting by with a little help from my friends.
    If you’re traveling sans partner, don’t be afraid to ask (or work your best desperation face) for assistance. Corporate America me always had to lift my own carry-on into the overhead bin. Baby toting me hasn’t lifted a finger yet! And always, always say thank you.
  3. Free as a bird.
    Planes, trains, and automobiles…Infants under certain ages travel free on various modes of transportation. Most buses, ferries, and domestic airlines (plus some international) do not require a ticket and/or a separate seat. You can probably expect free admission to museums, venues, and events for the little one as well. Not to mention they’re pretty cheap dates… no kids menu for us, thanks – she’ll nibble straight from our plate.
  4. They love it!
    I don’t know about yours, but our baby gets bored at home. She’s much more content being out and about, observing new things and enjoying a change of routine. Obviously, we take her feeding and sleeping schedule into account when making plans giving us the greatest chance to catch her at her best.  We also wear her a lot (my Google history reveals no less than four related searches to “Is there such a thing as too much baby wearing?”) making her feel safe and secure in new situations.
    4A. They’re still small enough to carry, and baby-wearing means no stroller needed. Yay, less stuff!
    4B. At this age, they have no opinion. As long as mom or dad is nearby, they’re usually good to go. Which means, anything we want to do (situationally and safety appropriate of course), we can do.Moral: if she’s happy, we’re happy. And too many hours in the pack-n-play does not make her happy.
  5. A new way to explore.
    Also known as “Experiencing the world through their eyes.”
    Though this one will probably ring even more true toddler years and beyond, there’s plenty of eye opening happening already. From trying new foods (nothing like watching her squeal in delight at the freshest mango she’s ever tasted to make you appreciate the little things in life), to choosing activities you might not otherwise indulge in (like crashing a nearby hotel pool because it’s too hot to not be near water), or practicing her “walking” on a foreign sidewalks. The best memories happen in these moments. True, some of the moments might not always be pleasant (I’ll never forget you crowded six hour non-air conditioned bus ride through Central America!) but you’ll laugh about it someday.

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  1. Hi, your photos help get me excited about traveling with my 2 year old son. His first real trip is coming up. Flight to Miami from Georgia and then a cruise. I will keep you posted. Thank you for sharing! !

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