Chillin’ in Cancún


After tons of playtime in Playa del Carmen, Cancún gave us a chance to hunker down and catch up on things. We stayed in town, outside of the main stretch of beach and tourist area, so we really only biked to the beach once, which was exhausting for my out-of-shape self in the heat. After all that struggle, the ocean shore was murky and we never made it back to water after that. Two weeks passed quickly with Alex and Evelina catching a cold and me trying to launch Fosterie in time for Thanksgiving. We biked around town some, but mostly I loved all the parks and shady sidewalks between neighborhoods, so I could take Evelina for walks and let her practice wobbling around on the grass. (You’ve gotta see this vid.) Once she realized that we had a little routine down, we couldn’t pass the slides and swings without her pointing and wanting to stop. One day, I met a Russian mom and her baby, so we met up with the family for dinner later that night. Traveling has introduced us to so many people we wouldn’t have otherwise crossed paths with, it’s truly a gift.

We didn’t take many pictures of our time there, but I do love these few.

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And I don’t know if you’ve ever heard our “shark” story, but it’s like a total thing now. Everywhere we go it seems like there’s some kind of shark reference. (And yes, that’s a shark stroller.) Had to have a pic of this artwork in the park!