Playin’ around in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

We spent two awesome weeks in Playa del Carmen. This touristy spot was kind of the perfect stop for us after months of exploring smaller cities and beach towns. To have everything we needed at our disposal, (hi Walmart!), endless food options (to cook or to dine out), and a quick walk to the beach – we were in Heaven. We ate our weight in street food (so much flavor!), met up with a super awesome fellow travel fam we’d connected with via Instagram and became IRL friends, and drank a responsible amount of local beer.

Playa del Carmen Playa del Carmen

We also took the ferry over to Cozumel a few times, which made me pretty seasick, but was fun once we were back on land. (Side note, did anyone else’s equilibrium change after pregnancy? I’d spent tons of time on boats before baby, but my stomach can barely handle it now…bummer.)

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We visited Chankanaab on Cozumel, a place I’d been once before with my cousin on a cruise and it was strange to be back there with Alex and Evelina. Mainly because it was during that trip two years ago, as I laid on a massage table in the shade by the beach in February, that I realized there are places in the world where it’s summer year round, and I wasn’t currently living in one of them. (Life back then looked more like this.) When I got back to Chicago, I told Alex we should move to an island, and the rest is history. We don’t live on an island. (We don’t really live anywhere). But it’s always summer where we are! Chankanaab isn’t a place I thought I’d ever be back to, and it was pretty fun to experience it with an almost one year old.

Evelina was absolutely glued to the water show. I knew she liked animals, but whoa.

Cozumel Cozumel Cozumel

She basically sat like this whole time…


And she got kissed by a sea lion!

She’s part mermaid though I guess it makes sense.

853A7521Playa del Carmen

Ciao, PDC. Onward to Cancun!