Shark Attack!

Baby shark costume

It’s been a million years since I blogged last (feels like it at least) but I’m popping back in with some pictures from Evelina’s first Halloween. It’s hard to believe October is over already. I started the month in Tennessee, spent a lovely wedding week in Cancun in with friends, and we finished it out in Tulum, Mexico.  It felt so strange to be hot on Halloween considering that costume creation for the past ten years has revolved around cleverly disguised layers. (Last year in Chicago it even snowed.) This year, I dressed up as a Pineapple (a term I’m using loosely in comparison to my past costumes) and E went as the cutest shark you ever did see. (It’s kind of a silly story if you’re curious why.) She pranced and smiled and tried to eat her own teeth…couldn’t handle the cuteness! Halloween and dressing up have always been favorites of mine and luckily she seems into it, too. It’s cheesy I guess, but it does make me smile like super huge ‘omg-she’s-really-mine’ smiles.There wasn’t too much participation around town here in Tulum, which was alright since this little shark is too little for candy anyway. But I did miss seeing everyone decked out and being festive…luckily we have Facebook and Instagram which are close enough seconds to being there. Hope your Halloween was happy!

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