Happy New Year


Hello 2016!

We welcomed the New Year low-key style in Samara, Costa Rica. Our friends from Chicago were visiting for a bit and were so kind to let us crash at their beautiful rental for a few days. We were able to ring in 2016 watching fireworks from the balcony and ease in to a new year in this quiet Pacific coast beach town.

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We took a very long and bumpy sightseeing drive, jumped in the ocean a few times, watched howler monkey’s from the balcony, listened to the roar of the local rodeo, and had a mini emergency when the condo dog bit a porcupine. (Eek!) It was great to be with familiar faces for a few days and we were pushed to the last minute to find a temporary home for January. After exhausting our options and realizing that our travel budget doesn’t mesh with Costa Rica’s high season, it’s off to Granada, Nicaragua we’ll go. Catch ya later!