Hello From The Other Side

E & Me

Of 2016 that is!

And also, because that’s the only song I think they’re allowed to play here in Granada at the moment. Oh wait, just kidding! Also, Bieber’s “Sorry“.

We arrived on the 6th and pounded the pavement until we found a nice (brand new!) apartment just on the edge of town. It felt wonderful to sleep on a brand new mattress with brand new sheets and dry off with brand new towels and snuggle on a new couch to watch a new TV. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

It’s been awhile since we lived in “luxury”, as well as stay somewhere long enough to unpack the suitcase, so we’re kind of being homebodies and taking advantage of cable and WiFi and cooking and all the simple pleasures of having a home, not a hostel or hotel or studio rental. Because as much as we love our Airbnb’s, sometimes it’s nice to feel settled even if it’s only for a month.

But because it’s Central America, there’s always gotta be something and this time it wasn’t just hot water, but water in general. So our new home became a place we had to strategically schedule our lives around. Everything from bathroom breaks and showers to meals and laundry revolved around weird, “There might be water this evening.” and “We have a trickle! Time to shower!” mantra’s. Luckily after 2 weeks it seems back to normal, at least we hope.

Otherwise, we had two friends visit from Costa Rica, I took Spanish lessons for one week (which wasn’t nearly enough but still helpful), and have been strumming on my ukulele daily (in between Evelina’s short naps). I wouldn’t say I can play, more like ‘make noise’ at this point, but practice makes perfect, right?

Plus it’s just as colorful as I remember, which makes me happy.

And oh yeah, and it’s hot. Reeeally, hot. (That I had kind of forgotten about!)