Packing Light


Packing day! We’re wrapping up our month in Nicaragua and heading to Colombia tomorrow! If you’ve ever wondered what three people sharing one suitcase looks like, well, here ya go. We each have a row (which is probably more than most travel families, but it *is* me we’re talking about) and the space left on top is for toiletries, shoes, and toys. This, two backpacks, and one ukulele is how we roll!

I wish I had some great tips but honestly, it’s hard. And truthfully, as silly as it sounds, each packer just has to find her way. I can tell you I’m a folder, not a roller. And ziplock bags are your friend. (Forget all those cutesy little travel cases! They eat up too much valueable weight and space.) Oh, and solid tops for the win. (Spice ’em up with some bright jewelry! Shameless plug.)

When I packed for our move to Costa Rica I did it all wrong. (But everyone says they all got it wrong the first time, too. Maybe that was just to make me feel better??) I just waaaay too much stuff overall, and too much of the wrong stuff. Over the past few months I’ve learned (and edited!) a lot and am a lot more comfortable living with less.

After all, there’s something freeing about knowing you can throw it all in a suitcase at a moment’s notice and go!

Speaking of go, I’d better… Catch ya from Colombia!