Monthly Archives: March 2016

E’s Second Easter


Where does another year go. For real?? Somebody needs to stop stealing my time!!

I’ve always loved Easter. It’s got all the spirituality of Christmas, with slightly less commercialism. Plus the beautiful promise of spring, of warmer sunshine, of flowers blooming. It’s almost like a second New Year’s in my mind. Now I associate Evelina with Easter since just before this holiday in 2014 we found out that two would become three.

It feels like just five minutes ago Evelina was a squishy infant, dolled up in her little Easter dress, chillin’ for pics on the porch.

As an almost 16 month old, there’s not too much chillin’ going on these days, but this sweet little bunny brings a light to our life like I never could have imagined. It’s surreal to think of two years ago at this time, about to find out I was pregnant, and making a reveal video. Now we’re chasing a toddler, watching her play and learn, and loving that there’s something new to discover every day, about her, and about parenting. Thinking back, wondering what she would be like, she’s nothing I imagined, and everything better. Her sweet hugs and “mwah” kisses, her happy squeals, her sassy little snicker laugh. My heart didn’t just make room for her, it grew.

Like a spring flower, the promise of something new. It just keeps getting better…
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