Sunday Snuggles (+The Best Blanket)


Are Sunday snuggles the best or what? There’s something about taking the extra time and effort to just do nothing that really starts a week off well. For as long as I can remember, Sunday’s have truly been regarded as a day of rest for me, at least in my brain. I’m so much more low-key, don’t feel super motivated or productive, and it’s the one day when I really don’t feel that bad about it either. (Which is probably the biggest blessing, amiright?)

In Medellin, as well as many of the Latin cultures we visited over the last year, Sunday as a day of rest is routinely practiced. The city almost seems to shut down. There’s little traffic, shops are closed, and families abound in parks and open spaces throughout town. The vibe is chill and it makes it seem like taking it easy is exactly what you should be doing.

So that’s what we do.

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At this point, I feel like I should mention that Evelina typically hates blankets. Always has. As a baby, she’d kick them off, and as a toddler, she’ll fight it until the whole thing is at least 2 inches away from her body. But then, this blanket arrived and everything changed. (Not even kidding.) From the moment I opened the package she squealed (ok, maybe she was just copying me, because I squealed, too.) But after I held it up and showed my Mom who got teary when she read it, Evelina wanted to see, took it from me, and proceeded to wrap herself in it (as best she could) and drag it around the house for 15 minutes. A few weeks in, it’s the only one she wants to snuggle with, the only one she’ll allow to be on her for nap time, and the one she loves the most for playing, “Huhwee, Huhwee”, which is our silly ‘hurry-and-hide-under-the-covers-before-Daddy-gets-us’ game. (Proof of love: It made the trip to Colombia with us, which is a tough spot to crack considering our one suitcase situation.) She seriously loves it.


And I love it just as much. For starters, it’s ridiculously soft. Combine that with the gorgeous, rich colors and the personalized name – what’s not to love? My Mom actually demanded to know where I got it and why I didn’t let her order it as a gift?! Well, it’s from Joanna Grace Designs and you’re absolutely going to want one for your littles, too. The sweet maker Brooke has designed so many adorable options (and not just blankets!) that would be the perfect gift for a new baby, birthday, or holiday. (Christmas is only 76 days away ;) I guarantee it’ll be received with happy gasps and squeals.

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So here’s my gift to you…from now until October 15th you can grab one (or a few) for yourself with 15% off at Joanna Grace Designs using code “SNUGGLE15”. Happy Shopping!

This post is in partnership with Joanna Grace Designs. All opinions are my own.