Hong Kong: Skyline

I’m currently in Hong Kong and sharing photo’s and stories from my last trip. Catch up on the last few posts here. The skyline in Hong Kong is a spectacular sight. In my opinion, the best views are from Victoria Harbor and The Peak. (A bit touristy perhaps but why mess with a good thing?) The […]

Hong Kong: The Big Buddha

I’m currently in Hong Kong and sharing photo’s and stories from my last trip. Catch up on the last few posts here.  The Big Buddha is one of my most favorite attractions in Hong Kong. For starters, he’s massive and I am completely captivated by it.  In order to reach the Buddha, you must take a tram (I opted […]

Hong Kong: Shopping

If you’re just joining in, I’m in Hong Kong for the next 2 weeks. While I’m away, I’m sharing photo’s and stories from my last trip. Check out the full lot here.  Now up: Shopping. You would have thought I’d never seen a designer store before but for some reason in Hong Kong they seem […]

Hong Kong: Streets

As I was preparing for my next trip to Hong Kong, I realized I never shared pictures from the 1st time around. (There were sooo many.)  As I sorted through them I noticed a few themes that I was drawn to and over the next 2 weeks I’ll be sharing some photo highlights by category […]

Hong Kong: Clotheslines

Another piece of Hong Kong that I’m obsessed with is the clotheslines. Seeing garments hanging from wires and racks at windowsills atop even the highest of buildings was fascinating to me. The contrast of a bustling luxurious city to regular home life in direct vicinity of one another is just an interesting reminder of culture, […]

First travel of 2013!

As I mentioned in my New Year’s post, I’m leaving town again for a few weeks. I can’t think of a better way to start the new year than with a new adventure! Hong Kong, Cambodia, and Thailand are on the list and to say I’m excited is the understatement of 2013. It’s a business […]

Hellooo out there!

Hello dears, it’s been a while, no? After 16 days away from home, 17,000 miles traveled, 55 hours in transit time, 4 Cracker Barrels, my 1st TN Easter in 6 years, and one very special wedding – I made it back to Chicago. And finally, to the blog. But only for a moment as we’re […]

When in Tenn.

Top – AE  //  Pant – Bullhead  //  Boots – Charles Albert (similar)  //  Earrings – Forever 21    Bracelet  – Hong Kong Jade Market  //  Sunglasses – Sears Well you guys, I did it. After a lifetime of refusing to own cowboy boots I finally caved. I can’t put my finger on what took […]

Feeling like Fall

Jacket & Shirt – AE  /  Denim, Sunglasses & Bow Necklace – Forever 21  /   Elephant Necklace – J.Crew    Watch – DKNY  /  Jade Bracelet – Hong Kong Jade Market  /  Shoes – c/o Wanted  /  Tattoo – Tattly   A very stylish person once said to me, “Fall is the most ideal season because you […]

Red Pants are the Hotness

Pants – AE  /  Top – Target  /  Necklace – Forever21 (seen here)  /  Shoes – c/o Wanted (also seen here)         Chain Bracelet – Kenneth Cole  /  Jade Bracelet – Hong Kong Jade Market  /  Bad A$$ Tat – Tattly These pictures are old. I’m posting them 20 days late because:  […]