‘Merica Party

Over the long weekend we had a ‘Merica themed party that was an absolute blast. My friend hosts on her amazing roof deck overlooking the city, and I’m in charge of photo booth backdrops. (This one was constructed from a gingham table cloth and duct tape.) Everyone else brings themed food, drinks and their best […]

Bridesmaids Party!

By the end of last week I was “reeeadaaay to paaaartaaay“. Good thing there was a Bridesmaids Movie Viewing Event scheduled for Friday night. To celebrate the DVD release of the adorable film Bridesmaids, my buds and I donned bridal apparel and gathered for refreshments, adult beverages and a little movie viewing madness. (Read more about the pre-planning here.) Everyone loved the […]

Pancake Party

Who doesn’t love a good theme party? For years I’ve dreamed of having a New Year’s Day breakfast where everyone comes in their pajamas. I think I found my inspiration… Photos by Our Labor of Love via Ashley Meaders How do you like your pancakes? I go for peanut butter, banana and a tiny bit […]

Pom(Wonderful) Party!

What do we do when PomWonderful sends us samples to taste test? We throw a Pom Party! And with juice this healthy – there’s reason to celebrate! It starts with an invitation… I usually like to design my own invitations but when I stumbled upon this free template version it couldn’t have been more perfect. Why […]

It’s a Party!

These invitations were a custom order for a 14th birthday party. The request came from our product showcase & Mom had so many great ideas for the party – including a ‘Fame’ themed invitation in black & pink. I loved working on these!! Happy 14th Stephanie, your Mom is awesome!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Every “first” holiday with our baby girl is going in the books as an instant fave and V-day was no exception. Aside from dressing Evelina up in the cheesiest, themey-est outfits I can find, (because you know I love a good theme party!) being on leave means I have time to do things like send Valentine’s, […]


 The short version of a long story.       I was born and raised in Johnson City, TN. (Yes, the one from the song.)       I left for Nashville in 2003 where I met a guy. We got married. Twice.   We moved to Chicago. Where I worked and played in the […]