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E’s First Easter



Here are some reeeally delayed Easter pictures (or as I refer to it…”E”-ster. :) )

I’ve always liked Easter holiday. Beautiful church services, the beginnings of spring…. Last year for Easter, we came to Tennessee to tell my family that we were going to have a baby.  And this year, here she is! So for some reason, I consider Easter almost like a second birthday for her. It’s amazing how much can change in such a short time. At this point last year, I never would have dreamed or believed we’d be so madly in love with our little lady, living in Tennessee, and getting ready for a new big adventure!

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Between organizing an international move, raising a bambino, and learning WordPress, the blog isn’t getting much love lately. Things should calm down soon and I’ll be back to somewhat regular posting shortly. Thanks for sticking with me!

The Greatest Luxury

I’ve always been in a race against time. I’ve ruined plenty a memory by not living in the moment. And I’ve lived a life feeling rushed, sometimes even when there’s no such reason. Blame it on the way I navigated the fast pace of city life, or my planner/preparer personality. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few months, it’s that time is life’s greatest luxury.

Time to appreciate a foggy morning.


And to gaze at the lights at night.

Time to catch a kiss on camera.

To study the color of their eyes.

Time to swing with my baby girl on a spring day until we’ve had our fill.


To waste our minutes wisely.
Making memories, not do to lists.

Time is free, but it’s priceless.

And this is the best time.

Wild Wedding Weekend

Hey y’all, I’m baaaack. Sorry for the mini hiatus, wasn’t expecting that but should have known things would get hectic upon returning home and back to work…

Last weekend we were in North Carolina for my cousin’s wedding. I’ve mentioned more than a few times  how madly in love I am with my family ( herehere & here). I never feel more at peace than I do when I’m in their presence. I live for the moments we can all be together, everyone I love the most right there in one spot. We’re a wild bunch and that’s most of what I adore – it’s crazy, loud, fun and at times, exhausting!

Here are a few pictures to recap the wonderful weekend.

{Bridesmaids Bouquets} 

{A view from behind}

 {The Bride, My Brother, Moi & The Bride’s Brother in a rare, tame photo}
{Them’s my dancing shoes}
 {It’s fun to stay at the YYYYY…}
{The Bride wore red shoes, love that girl.}

Valentine’s Means Love

Regardless of what Cupid says, I believe Valentine’s should be about all kinds of love, not just the romantic kind. It’s a chance to tell the people in your life who mean the most that you care and appreciate them. I often send handmade cards to friends and family and my Dad never fails to call on the day asking me to be his Valentine. The idea of Anti-valentine’s parties make me sad, the world needs more love, why stop with couples? Whether you have a sweetheart or not, I hope you’ll reach out to someone this year and express a little extra love – call your Grandpa, hug your best friend, write a sweet note to a child, give your boss a cupcake. Share the love people.

A few of my favorite Valentine projects this year:

Polaroid photo wall image via Little Blue Deer

A hidden heart cake!
Picture and tutorial by i am baker via alkeemi

Kevin Sharkey created a ‘Sweet Dreams’ package for friends using a flannel pillowcase, compilation of lullabies and a sleep mask.

Stitched Heart card by moi, tutorial here.

Mwwwwaah to all of you! I love love love reading about your lives and discovering wonderful sources through your blogs. And welcome to my newest readers and followers, I look forward to getting to know you!

Have a lovely weekend!

P.S. More thoughts on Valentine’s Day and love.

It’s the Little Things #2

Being completely ridiculous even though you’re all adults.

Throughout our childhood, my cousins, brother and I were forced enjoyed having an annual portrait made for our grandmother. A torturous process for four hyper kids (as well as our patient Aunt) to endure, we made the most of it and somewhere down the line began utilizing props for the very last but just as important ‘crazy picture’. Sadly, we all grew up around the same time (and by grow up I mean got jobs, had weddings, moved, and were suddenly busy.) After skipping several years we reunited for another session and although well above the tolerated age for being silly in cheap photo studio’s, we tortured our photographer (and Aunt) one more time. :)

(Notice the brilliant use of falling flower petals. Coincidently, it is not recommended to use your own camera in a photo studio. Go figure…)

Friday Faves

 Audrey Hepburn with son Luca – 1971
Photo by Henry Clarke for Vogue

Friday already – I’ll take it! What a crazy little week it’s been…  I’m looking forward to catching up on sleep and some good blog reads.  In fact, I feel so out of the loop lately I would love it if you would post a link to your favorites to get me started!

Our weekend plans include a visit from a Tennessee friend which will likely lead to playing tourist in our city – my favorite! I’m also putting the finishing touches on a party I’m hosting next Sunday, more fun details to come ;)

Here a few favorites from around the web this week:

Oscar Moms 

Weirdly awesome soaps you can buy on Etsy.

Handsome man in a suit, ‘nuf said.

Summer Fiesta inspiration with the cutest invitation ever!

Reflections on Mother’s Day without Mom

This Carmel Valley wedding has me swooning. The dress, the ring, the flower headband!!

Babies!!! The documentary releases this weekend and it looks fascinating. Watch the high def trailer here

I hope you all have a fabulous one. To all the Mom’s out there  – Happy Mother’s Day!