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Sunday Snuggles (+The Best Blanket)


Are Sunday snuggles the best or what? There’s something about taking the extra time and effort to just do nothing that really starts a week off well. For as long as I can remember, Sunday’s have truly been regarded as a day of rest for me, at least in my brain. I’m so much more low-key, don’t feel super motivated or productive, and it’s the one day when I really don’t feel that bad about it either. (Which is probably the biggest blessing, amiright?)

In Medellin, as well as many of the Latin cultures we visited over the last year, Sunday as a day of rest is routinely practiced. The city almost seems to shut down. There’s little traffic, shops are closed, and families abound in parks and open spaces throughout town. The vibe is chill and it makes it seem like taking it easy is exactly what you should be doing.

So that’s what we do.

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At this point, I feel like I should mention that Evelina typically hates blankets. Always has. As a baby, she’d kick them off, and as a toddler, she’ll fight it until the whole thing is at least 2 inches away from her body. But then, this blanket arrived and everything changed. (Not even kidding.) From the moment I opened the package she squealed (ok, maybe she was just copying me, because I squealed, too.) But after I held it up and showed my Mom who got teary when she read it, Evelina wanted to see, took it from me, and proceeded to wrap herself in it (as best she could) and drag it around the house for 15 minutes. A few weeks in, it’s the only one she wants to snuggle with, the only one she’ll allow to be on her for nap time, and the one she loves the most for playing, “Huhwee, Huhwee”, which is our silly ‘hurry-and-hide-under-the-covers-before-Daddy-gets-us’ game. (Proof of love: It made the trip to Colombia with us, which is a tough spot to crack considering our one suitcase situation.) She seriously loves it.


And I love it just as much. For starters, it’s ridiculously soft. Combine that with the gorgeous, rich colors and the personalized name – what’s not to love? My Mom actually demanded to know where I got it and why I didn’t let her order it as a gift?! Well, it’s from Joanna Grace Designs and you’re absolutely going to want one for your littles, too. The sweet maker Brooke has designed so many adorable options (and not just blankets!) that would be the perfect gift for a new baby, birthday, or holiday. (Christmas is only 76 days away ;) I guarantee it’ll be received with happy gasps and squeals.

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So here’s my gift to you…from now until October 15th you can grab one (or a few) for yourself with 15% off at Joanna Grace Designs using code “SNUGGLE15”. Happy Shopping!

This post is in partnership with Joanna Grace Designs. All opinions are my own. 

Spring Beauty Faves

I recently acquired a few more “can’t live without” items in my beauty repertoire that you might enjoy, too. Also wanted to mention a new favorite site… Mom turned me onto BeautySage a few months ago and so far I’ve been very happy with the selection and items ordered, including several of these.  Definitely worth a peek.

Now, onto the products:

Lollitint – Benefit stains are the bomb dot com.  Posietint and ChaChatint have been long time favorites and Spring 2014’s new Lollitint is so Radiant Orchid inspired my inner hue guru could just squeal. For a warmer weather glow, it’s absolutely lovely on cheeks and it gives lips the prettiest pop when paired with gloss.

Essie Play Date – another Radiant Orchid homage. I’m so NOT a purple gal, but something about this fresh lilac/lavender shade is right on.

Black Soap – Strange, but awesome. My face feels squeaky clean but not stripped. Use as a soap or a mask!

Rose Body Oil – I’ve been big on body oils since the end of last summer. After trying a few, this one definitely rose to the top (see what I did there?). Applied on damp skin, it moisturizes like a dream. The floral scent is divine; fragrant enough to please the nose, yet faint and fades quickly so it won’t interfere with perfumes.

Scotch Polish Remover – This product could also be called, “the marriage saver polish remover.” Technically, it’s been a chiller weather beauty fave since at some point this dreadful winter I realized I couldn’t torment my hubby and his sensitive smeller with traditional polish remover any longer. I took a chance on this one and holy mackerel, why’d I wait so long before trying a non-toxic version?? Spritz once or twice (trying to hit most of the fingers at once), let set a few seconds, then swipe. Fragrance free, gentle, and has saved many a mani argument. (Just be sure swipe nails with an alcohol pad before painting as it does leave an oil-like residue.)

What products are you loving lately?

The Best Sweater Ever?

The older I get the more I realize that if something’s not comfortable I won’t wear it. No matter how fabulous it looks, what a great deal it was or how outfit post worthy it might be – if it itches, hangs weird or feels slightly “off” it will just end up just taking space in my already cramped closet. (Except for shoes, thou shall suffer for shoes.) Enter, The Best Sweater Ever?. I say that with a question mark because I’m leaving it open for opinions (after all, that’s a pretty bold claim) but for this girl, it’s working. Here’s the thing about sweaters: I adore the look of big chunky cable knit, the luxury of cashmere, and the warmth af an extra layer. But here’s the reality: most are itchy, hot or heavy and as discussed, I’m stubborn about that. Yet I’m completely smitten with this one. Why? It’s lightweight, breathable, is totally an effortless layer (I love it over dresses!) but it’s not itchy, hot or dry clean only (I do hand wash it.) I belt it, leave it flowy and even tuck it in to high waisted trousers. Therefore, it’s quite possibly the best sweater ever. I purchased cornflower blue in fall and wore it here. And I recently bought 2 more – strawberry and olive. Sorry for sharing my epiphany so late, it really hadn’t been cold enough yet here to want to reach for it daily (which I totally do now) {oh hi, 7 degrees} but there are still some left – and cheap – hurry!

   The Best Sweater Ever? over a tee in NYC.

The Best Sweater Ever? over a dress in Tennessee.
(Did I mention she travels well? See, there’s nothing she can’t do!

Do you have a favorite sweater I need to know about? Do share!

P.S. More on sweaters here.

Spring Beauty Faves

I made a few spring beauty product purchases lately and these are 2 I’m loving:
A pink pop lipstick
Flirt HIGH WATTAGE Intense & Creamy Lipcolor # 13 
(It goes on bright & fun. Looks like it’s sold out online!)

An at home facial peel that combats dullness, lines and wrinkles, uneven texture, age spots and enlarged pores? Sign me up! I just started this system last weekend and I’m using it every 3 days. (My Mom turned me onto this back in December, I finally got around to purchasing a set of my own and wish I would’ve done it sooner, mother knows best!) The tingling isn’t bad at all & my face feels squeaky clean afterward.

And here are a few on my wishlist:

For my super oily skin, warm weather makes it worse!

Another oily skin problem, constantly creasing eye shadow.
Supposedly, this stuff is the bomb! (Thanks for the tip Tricia!)

I’m not a fan of the dry shampoo sprays, they just make my hair feel wierd.  I do frequent the old baby powder trick and I’m loving this tinted powder idea! I bet it smells nice, too!

For a summery glow. Or as Benefit says “a sugar rush flush” – sounds good to me!

What are your spring beauty faves this year?