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Shark Attack!

Baby shark costume

It’s been a million years since I blogged last (feels like it at least) but I’m popping back in with some pictures from Evelina’s first Halloween. It’s hard to believe October is over already. I started the month in Tennessee, spent a lovely wedding week in Cancun in with friends, and we finished it out in Tulum, Mexico.  It felt so strange to be hot on Halloween considering that costume creation for the past ten years has revolved around cleverly disguised layers. (Last year in Chicago it even snowed.) This year, I dressed up as a Pineapple (a term I’m using loosely in comparison to my past costumes) and E went as the cutest shark you ever did see. (It’s kind of a silly story if you’re curious why.) She pranced and smiled and tried to eat her own teeth…couldn’t handle the cuteness! Halloween and dressing up have always been favorites of mine and luckily she seems into it, too. It’s cheesy I guess, but it does make me smile like super huge ‘omg-she’s-really-mine’ smiles.There wasn’t too much participation around town here in Tulum, which was alright since this little shark is too little for candy anyway. But I did miss seeing everyone decked out and being festive…luckily we have Facebook and Instagram which are close enough seconds to being there. Hope your Halloween was happy!

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Black Cat Crazy

I fully admit that my appreciation for typically unlucky icons and superstitions might be a bit unique.  And while I never set out to be a mother of two black cats, (somehow pets end up finding you), it’s obvious why they’re one of my favorite items on that list.

When Halloween happens there’s an influx of black cat merchandise and decor available and it’s fun to see “my babies” all over the place during the month of October (and on sale in November!) I’m always on the lookout for little items to add to our collection. (Their current water bowl is a black cat candy dish.) While this post was meant to be a round up of some puuurfect black cat items, in my research I discovered some interesting and somewhat surprising data, for instance, did you know that black cats are only half as likely to be adopted as cats of other colors? The thought breaks my heart! While I can’t imagine life without our sweet Pete and Mojito, I’m always surprised by humans who somewhat believe that black cats are bad luck or wouldn’t trust having them around. A former landlord wouldn’t step foot in our apartment because of them – an interesting security measure nonetheless.

Luckily, there are some people and organizations working hard to find loving homes for these beautiful babies:

Black Cat Rescue Boston
10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat 
If you’re around Cleveland, 6 shelters are offering free black cats on November 6th!
And speaking of cats, this is just funny.

Soo…what’s your favorite animal indulgence? I’m addicted to #cats_of_instagram!

A Halloween Recap

 Little Edie + Dracula

When I watched the remake of Grey Garden’s in early summer, I knew then who I was going to to be for Halloween. A fashion icon in her own very unique way, something about Little Edie just captivated me. I was fascinated by the story (and Drew Barrymore’s performance) and started thinking of ways to pull it off.

One piece bathing suits as layers, constant head adornment, and skirts that you can “always remove and use as a cape” were my inspiration. I borrowed a scarf from Mom, found a gorgeous mink and cashmere sweater at an antique shop and pulled out the nude pantyhose from the very back corner of my drawer. “I have to think these things up. You understand.” (The original film cover served as my final inspiration.)

I’m a big fan of creating costumes inspired by items in my own closet. For some reason, I use Halloween as some sort of creative validation for myself, pfff…as if my final judgement will include anything about costumes!  And though I have no idea where it stemmed from, other than not wanting tons of extra crap laying around my house, I’m very anti-costume in a box. I just enjoy the process of making do mostly with what I’ve got – it’s good fun and cheaper that way, too.

Even though only a total of about five people recognized the character, (and that pretty much includes on Instagram, too) I still loved it and and it felt so appropriate to celebrate at the Merchandise Mart as it was Kennedy owned for quite some time. (Obviously, it was “the best costume for the day”.) Plus, the guesses were totally amusing. Little Red Riding Hood? No. A homeless person with nice stuff? Sort of?

Halloween is my favorite!
What were/are your costumes this year??

Halloween Prep

You’re looking at the pieces and parts of my Halloween costume this year. I have to say, this might be one of my favorite’s ever.  I pranced around in it last night during a trial run and comments from the hubby ranged from “ambitious”and “funny”, to plain old laughter. We’ll be celebrating this weekend and I’m putting the final touches on the look today. Totally going Method with this one guys. It’s based on a real person and I’m determined to nail it. Any guesses?

Halloween’s of the Past

As I’m making my final decisions about this year’s costume, I thought it would be fun to reflect on some past creations. I challenge myself to start with pieces from my own closet and a few accessories. Wish me luck this year, struggling a bit with committing to an idea! 
 2003 – Audrey Hepburn and a construction worker
I still wear this dress. And the shades.
2007 – Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
That eyeliner goatee still cracks me up.

2009 – Bumble Bee & Elvis (with our friends the Jockey and Derby lady)
My top was part of a past New Year’s Eve outfit. 
2010 – Zorro & a Senorita
The shoes inspired the whole thing.
Happy Halloween Weekend! 
What are you dressing up as??

Crime Scene Manicure

Last night I gave myself a bloody manicure. And when I say bloody, I’m not speaking like a Brit. So gross yet I’m loving it!  (For the short term anyway.) The things a girl will do for her favorite holiday… 

Wanna DIY? Instructions after the jump!

If you’re new to this blog, don’t worry, things aren’t usually this gory!

Spooky Sparklers

Halloween is just around the corner and I can’t think of anything better to get in the spirit than gazing upon a few fabulous jewels from Jennifer Fisher. The skeletons have real diamond eyes, swoon. And there’s a certain playfulness about wearing a gold dagger pendant close to your heart. A little goth, all glam
P.S. Spiders aren’t just for Halloween, I sport this one year round.