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Travel Inspired Birthday


We celebrated Evelina’s first birthday at the zoo in San Jose, Costa Rica. Our wobbly walker was all over the place, pointing and looking like she knew just what to do. A real animal lover, that one.

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Shortly after, we followed it up with a travel inspired party in Tennessee for family and friends. It was held at the airport in a nice spot overlooking the runway, which felt perfect for our tiny traveler.


The tassel banner was the same one we used at our baby shower and it hangs in Evelina’s room in Tennessee. The travel cases were my Grandmother’s. (Evelina has her feet! :) I stuffed one with pink roses, and filled the other with popcorn.


I ordered two simple white cakes to decorate myself. The pom banner is from Michael’s and my Mom had the “E” on hand in her craft supplies. The globe and silver plane were also decor Mom had on hand. I was all about using things we already had!


I cut triangles out of an old atlas to make a banner, printed square prints at Walgreens of our favorite photo’s from this year, and pinned them up with miniature clothes pins.


The second, larger cake was decorate with a paper pom and tiny paper airplanes.

The butterfly is from…Big Lots!


I also scooped up her intials at Micheal’s for a buck each! Perfect to use in her room later!

Travel party

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I created a photo backdrop with gold wrapping paper and poms. We took lots of group photos but unfortunately my camera settings were off and they’re not exactly blog worthy, but memory worthy for sure!


Happy Birthday, E!

We love you!


Making it in America: July 4th / Week 18 Recap

We had a groovy weekend.

Our 4th was spent boating with friends…

…the bump was huge

                            …we went ‘Merica inspired, hence the head coverings and neck tat…

…and the skyline was beautiful as always.
On Saturday, we attended a friend’s annual BBQ which had a 70’s vibe this year. 

Someone joked that if I wanted to dress as a pregnant hippie that they make pillows for that and I didn’t actually have to get pregnant. But I politely reminded them that when I commit to a theme, I commit. (*wink*)

By Sunday, ‘lil mama was exhausted but spending time in the sun, with friends, celebrating our nation’s mid-summer holiday was worth it. Overall, I felt so much better this week. Most of the growing pains were gone, just a few here and there, which made life a lot more bearable. Baby was the size of a sweet potato and I happened to eat one for dinner nearly every night – it just tasted sooo good. I haven’t any cravings (as in “I need ice cream and pickles stat!”) yet, but I do have kicks where certain foods will be my favorite for a few days in a row, and luckily so far, those items haven’t been too unhealthy. The farmer’s markets are in full swing so we’re enjoying making dinner with fresh produce (and of course, a few sweet treats from an Italian grandmother who makes the best mini cherry pies of your life).

Hope your week and weekend were wonderful!

St. Patty’s Shenanigans

Chicago turned green again this weekend! My cousin came in from North Carolina to help us celebrate and can I just say, it’s awesome having a family member that gets just as excited for dress up opportunities as I do. (Recognize the wig?) We donned our festive gear (plus coats – unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as fabulous as this) but we did have some sunshine so the water looked extra festive and I was able to bust out my Patrick tee again so no complaints here. We started at the river and made our way north over the course of about eleven hours, with loads of green beer, dancing, and photo opps in between. All in all, a success.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

White Gatsby

This year for our annual white party (which happened in early September… I know, forever ago) we chose a Gatsby theme and participation was swell. Even though I’m only featuring a few faces (privacy in action) on the blog, there were nearly 50 people in the usual party spot to celebrate summer’s end. The sun was setting, the champagne was flowing, and we danced until the wee hours. I know it’s becoming redundant, but theme parties are my favorite.

More white love in 20112012, at dinner, and in winter.

‘Merica Party

Over the long weekend we had a ‘Merica themed party that was an absolute blast. My friend hosts on her amazing roof deck overlooking the city, and I’m in charge of photo booth backdrops. (This one was constructed from a gingham table cloth and duct tape.) Everyone else brings themed food, drinks and their best party face. Nearly fifty awesome people participated and between a few of us I’d estimate over 2,000 pictures were taken; full of laughs, props, and silly faces. Theme parties are one of my favorite things about life. Memories like this don’t happen often and I cherish them with all I’ve got. 

The rest of the weekend included beach lounging, a BBQ and some quality time with my Kindle. Hope your 4th was fab!

Dîner en Blanc – Chicago – We Went!

Remember when I told you about Dîner en Blanc last week? I hardly expected that we would end up being part of the Chicago version but how happy we were to join in the fun!

It all happened so fast… after I was un-waitlisted the hunt was on for elegant, white apparel and accessories, sourcing tables and chairs, preparing our dinner, packing our items (real plates, cloth napkins, wine glasses); it felt like a lot of work but the end result was so worth the effort. 

We took the train from our house to one of several meeting spots in the city, 
where we met our group leader and some new ‘blanc’ friends.

We made our way across city streets to the secret location, the Art Institute…

photos by Ryan Cosens, more here

where we quickly set up our tables before nightfall and settled into an elegant picnic under the stars 
(and a few spiders in the trees overhead but we dealt with it)…

and twirled our napkins to signal the start of dinner.

That’s us on the right! 
Photo by James Trevenen, more here.

After a scrumptious meal and 2 bottles of wine we took silly pictures like this…

and ended the night doing this:

                                                                      photo by Ryan Cosens, more here

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Dîner en Blanc event you won’t want to miss out. It was glamorous, friendly, and super fun way to spend an evening in your city. Call me crazy, but I’d be up for making a goal of attending in a few more cities (or countries even!). What a wonderful way to see the town, meet a few locals and make a memory in a new place! 

We thrive on exciting adventures like this but I’m curious what your thoughts are..worth the work or too much trouble?

Dîner en Blanc

photos by Humans of New York 

With our annual White Party a couple of weeks away (we’re celebrating on Labor Day this year, appropriate, yes?) I am completely intrigued by Dîner en Blanc, which took place at Lincoln Center in New York City yesterday. A classy flash mob of sorts that originated 24 years ago in Paris, the location is kept secret until the last moment, at which “thousands of people, dressed all in white, conducting themselves with the greatest decorum, elegance, and etiquette, all meet for a mass “chic picnic” in a public space”. 

These photo’s were taken by Brandon of Humans of New York, one of my new favorite Facebook follows. They completely capture the essence of the day, don’t you think? 

Coincidently, Dîner en Blanc – Chicago is happening this Friday and you can bet I’m already on the waiting list

Très amusant! 

Update 1:30pm: We’re un-waitlisted and registered! Expect lots of white from me in the near future!

St. Patrick’s Day Recap

Swayze Baby. How stoked was I to wear Patrick around all day??
Shirt  /  Jeans  /  Shoes  /  Bag

The green loafers come out once per year.

Pizza with Patrick.
Well, another SPD has come and gone and I’m kind of sad about it (that tends to happen when dress-up/costume holiday’s are over.) One might think that 12 hours of celebrating should be enough to last me until next year but to keep the fun going just a bit longer I thought I’d share some blog appropriate pictures of our very green day. The weather was amaaayzing – nearly 80 degrees, hence the river looked greener than ever. (Other than changing the colors of these photos to black and white I didn’t alter the green at all, it really is that bright! If you’ve never see it check this out.) Sunshine and Saturday meant more pedestrians and bigger crowds than usual but the city handled it well by just closing down the busiest streets. (Don’t ever say Chicago doesn’t know how to celebrate!) And of course we consumed green beer and made a pizza pit stop. All in all I’d call that good times celebrating St. Patrick (Swazye) Day! Do you celebrate SPD in your city? I never did in Tennessee and I’m pretty sure it’ll be a requirement for any future living locations. 
P.S.  If you’re wondering why I’m obsessed with Patrick Swazye, this will help fill you in. See all my Patrick love here.
P.P.S. If you need more green click <here>! 

Mardi Gras Moment

earrings  /   earrings  /  mask 
Happy Fat Tuesday friends! Any plans to party gras on Mardi Gras? 
We have a Mardi Gras themed trolley party coming up this weekend. Any advice on what to wear? I have a mask but I’m still debating on the apparel portion. Have you ever been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans? I’m such a sucker for any celebration involving costumes… why hasn’t this been on my bucket list before now??