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Adiós, Mexico

20151031_102953 (1)

Tomorrow we leave Mexico and we’re pretty sad about it. If everyone were as nice as Mexicans the world would be a better place. From helping us with our limited Spanish to lending a hand when needed, we’ve been touched by the kindness we’ve felt over the last few weeks. From Puerto Morelos, to Tulum, to Playa del Carmen, and finally Cancún – it’s a little hard to believe we’ve been here for more than a month, the time truly as flown. The days were a blur of baby life, beach moments, and spreading the buzz about my new biz, Fosterie.

In a few days we’ll celebrate Evelina’s first birthday (and if you think I’m shock that this is happening you’d be correct.) Then, it’s time to head home for the holidays (and hopefully cool off a bit.) I can’t think of a better way to close out this year than spending time with my family in Tennessee. We started this adventure almost six months ago and as wonderful as it is, everyone needs a little break once in a while.

Birthday updates and more coming this way soon!

Time in Tulum

tulum 7

Mexico has been amazing so far. We recently spent some time in Tulum, which wasn’t anything like I anticipated, though not a negative thing, just different from what I invisioned based on information that floats around.

After our time there, in my opinion, there are two Tulum’s. One, the strip of beach filled with resorts, vegan restaurants, yoga studio’s, and darling shops. And two, the town, about a 35 minute bike ride inland. We stayed in town, and I’ll tell you, without the beach breeze to cool us down and blow away some mosquitoes, it’s a different situation than the Tulum that supermodels and celebrities probably experience. That said, our time in there was pleasant and I loved the bike path’s along main routes. We had our little routine of an early breakfast at home, a mid-morning walk to the coffee shop, street food for lunch, and afternoon naps. And since the seaweed was running rampant, we only visited the beach once day during our week stay, but it was lovely and the pina colada made it worth the almost heat stroke I endured riding bikes to get there.

Something I continue to realize the more we travel, is the contrast of what you hear about places versus reality. Never have I heard about the extreme heat and mosquitoes in Mexico like I did warning us against Nicaragua. However, I don’t ever remember being this hot, or this covered with bites in Granada… Interesting, huh?

Our rental home came with bikes, one of which was equipped with a baby seat, and Evelina loved sitting behind Alex as we rode. I would pass by and wave and she would just smile and giggle. Seeing her experiencing these little things really does fill me with simple joy.

And now, for a few photo’s.

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Onward to Playa de Carmen!

P.S. More Tulum you might have missed – Halloween and the Mayan Ruins.

This trip was Ruined


While in Tulum, we also visited the Mayan Ruins. In all honesty, it so blazing hot that day that we barely stopped to read the signs and information posted around the site. Sad but true, we rushed from one to the next, trying to find the next shady spot.  I do find the Mayans so interesting, what bits I’ve picked up being in Mexico, and I’m searching for a good book or documentary so I can learn more. In my past life I always researched places and things before visiting, but as our time between destinations is shorter and a toddling almost toddler under foot, I’ve developed the habit of going where the wind blows then wikipedia-ing later. Here are some of pictures taken before we both thought we were going to faint in the heat. (Seriously.) (If you plan to visit bring water!) True to my easily distracted form, I also took about 98 pictures of sunbathing iguanas, a few I will bestow upon you below.

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P.S. More Tulum!